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  • Happy Birthday, Andreea Pupaza!

    It’s April 1st, but it’s no joke: we are having a very important celebration here in Kondiment. It’s Andreea Pupaza’s birthday!


    Andreea is our amazing Project Manager and has been working with us since July 2011. She successfully handled many projects with an iron fist and a smile on her face, no matter how difficult a task could have been. Andreea is very skilled in keeping her team united; this makes all the difference and helps us all work with more enthusiasm.


    We could say about Andreea that she is a people’s person. Always with a kind word and a smile on her face, it’s impossible not to like her and not to feel comfortable around her. This aspect of her helps her in her day job, but also in establishing personal relations with team members.


    Perhaps her kindness and patience is a side effect of the fact that she has a very beautiful, balanced family at home. Sometimes her son drops us a visit and it’s amazing to see the two of them together! 


    We also suspect that her mathematical approach to tasks comes from the fact that she is a graduate of the faculty of Power Engineering at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest.


    However, in spite of her “technical” background, she is very passionate about jewelry and beautiful accessories. There is hardly a day in which she is not wearing discreet make up and she is always like an apparition from fashion magazines. This is actually not that hard to understand, once you know that she used to be a model! How about that!


    Since she has a last name that in Romanian means “hoopoe”, we like to call her our singing bird or our Angry Bird, if the going gets tough. 


    Happy birthday, Andreea! We’re happy to have you with us!

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