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  • Happy Birthday, Alina Teodorescu!

    The month of May started just right here in Kondiment: a lot of new, exciting projects that we can’t wait to tell you more about when the time is right, a lot of work and dedication, but also, in the middle of all this, a lot of fun: yesterday marked Alina Teodorescu’s birthday!


    Our dedicated Account Manager has been with us since 2007. With a background in human sciences, Alina came into the world of digital advertising with a strong work ethic, a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to truly make a difference.


    What really strikes you when you first meet Alina is her energy. She can truly move mountains – something that she actually has done for projects she has worked on. She is very skilled and empathic as a account manager, can distribute tasks in such a way that every project goes smoothly, is a great team leader and is very persuasive when it comes to something she believes in. Another great thing about her and has proven to be a great asset is that she is an amazing saleswoman and is very persuasive in everything she does.


    One of Alina’s greatest assets is that, no matter the field in which she takes on a project, no matter its degree of difficulty, she is always happy, cheerful and willing to help – one of the things that every member of the team loves about her.


    Alina was passionate about sports ever since she was little. In high school, she practiced  karate and handball  – the latter at a performance level, on an advanced attack post. She even wanted to continue practicing sports in college and attempted to enter the Sports Faculty. Luckily for us, her path took her somewhere else and eventually led her to advertising. We also know about Alina that in her teenage years, Alina used to listen to death metal (Deicide, Pungent Stench, Gorefest).

    Apart from being an important member of our team, Alina is also the mother of a darling baby girl, Lucia. We had the pleasure of meeting Lucia on several occasions and we may say the two are very much alike. When she talks about her daughter, Alina’s eyes light up completely. She successfully manages to combine being a full time account manager with being a mom and we hold a lot of respect for her because of this.


    Happy Birthday, Alina! May you enjoy all the amazing years to come!

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