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  • Happy 10th Anniversary, Facebook!

    Today it’s Facebook’s 10th anniversary! 10 years of connecting and crossing boundaries, 10 years since the beginning of the Social Media Age!

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    Posted by kondi on 04.02.2014 in


  • Kondiment’s ICEEfest experience

    On the 6th and 7th of June, we were a part of the largest event organized in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together the Internet, digital industry and technology's biggest players – ICEEfest 2013. We had two full days in which we met up with amazing people and participated to some interesting presentations and workshops. Read more
    Posted by kondi on 14.09.2013 in


  • ICEEFEST coming soon!

    In the world of Digital Marketing, specialised events and conferences are a must for any company active in this dynamic industry. And when such an event, organised in Bucharest, reaches its 5th birthday, it’s a cause for celebration. Read more
    Posted by kondi on 20.05.2013 in


  • Happy Birthday, Alina Teodorescu!

    The month of May started just right here in Kondiment: a lot of new, exciting projects that we can't wait to tell you more about when the time is right, a lot of work and dedication, but also, in the middle of all this, a lot of fun: yesterday marked Alina Teodorescu's birthday! Read more
    Posted by kondi on 13.05.2013 in


  • Do you need Search Reputation Management? How ethical is it?

    online reputation management
    Search Reputation Management represents a practice of influencing the results which are displayed in SERP (search engine results page). This kind of SEO service can be used both for individuals and brands that are interested about their online image. Read more
    Posted by on 09.05.2013 in


  • 6 Mistakes an Affiliate Marketer Should Avoid

    Getting started with affiliate marketing is not hard. But it’s quite easy to make mistakes as well. There’s absolutely no doubt that becoming an affiliate marketer is a surefire way of making money online. Read more
    Posted by on 22.04.2013 in


  • How local Facebook pages of global companies can multiply their fanbase in an instant

    Facebook Global Pages Article Cover
    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the same large number of likes as the mother company on the subsidiary company’s Facebook page as well? Well, that is possible now with the new feature rolled out by Facebook not long ago called “Global Pages”. Read more
    Posted by on 16.04.2013 in
    "Social Media"


  • Happy Birthday, Andreea Pupaza!

    It's April 1st, but it's no joke: we are having a very important celebration here in Kondiment. It's Andreea Pupaza's birthday! Read more
    Posted by on 01.04.2013 in


  • Brands use online language in offline ads to make a statement

    online language offline campaigns
    There is no doubt: online is the way to go. Businesses understood how important it is for them to be present in this ever-growing medium, to give their clients the opportunity to find them, to communicate with them, to ask questions and get answers, to engage in a more personal way. Read more
    Posted by on 26.03.2013 in
    "Social Media"


  • Happy birthday, Sorin Chircu!

    Today is a very important day. As you may already know, it's the International Happiness Day, so it's time to be happy! And here at Kondiment, we're already happy about something. It's Sorin Chircu's birthday! Read more
    Posted by on 20.03.2013 in


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