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  • How to recruit on Social Media using Linkedin

    The new buzz-word in employment and staffing is social media recruitment. Most of today’s recruiters have gone from posting ads in the newspaper to posting on job sites across the span of the last decade. We are currently within a revolution of finding the right talent for the right job. This revolution comes on as a consequence of a bigger background trend the online world is witnessing: social media.


    Although I regularly talk and develop on top of Facebook, today I’m going to talk about Linkedin. And, although there aren’t as many users on Linkedin as there are on Facebook, the ones that do use Linkedin are early adopters.


    If you are staffing for the IT or Online Department than you are interested in early adopters. Early adopters are the kind of people that get easily excited about new technology and try it on. They are intrapreneurial, they are pro-active and flexible. Yes the kind you would want to employ. Big IT companies have their recruiters allover social media as we speak. Why not follow the trend and use the same techniques to recruit A players on our team?




    When doing something worthwile, it’s clear you need to invest: time or money. If you want to invest time (and save money) in Recruitment on Linkedin, then you will want to use an organic method of recruitment. If you are willing to invest money (to save time), then you can use the paid method of recruitment.




    There are several ways to recruit great candidates on linkedin without paying a dime. Let’s go through them: 



    The easiest one is to find a very good candidate and check out the groups he has joined. Do this for 5 candidates and you will have a very good list of groups where your candidates like debating professional topics and looking for jobs. Then you join those groups (50 groups maximum) and check the list of members. You will then be able to personally message them as a group colleague, and it will be for free. The good thing about Linkedin is that you will have access to your prospects’ full CVs, their recommandations and any opinions they might have posted on these groups, and you will have an overall idea of the professional quality of your candidates, before you message them in the first place. 



    You can add people as your connections. You can add members of the group you belong, as 2nd degree (the connections of your connections) linkedin members in your list. You should add people from your industry that are influencers (500+ connections on their profile). By having influencers in your network, you will have many useful and qualified candidates as your 2nd degree connections and, therefore approachable, by you (Just click Connect!).



    The search on top right corner of Linkedin is straightforward. Select People on the dropdown and put the name of the position

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  • Madalin Dinu asked us: What are the ingredients of success?

    A while ago, in Kondiment Bucharest, an interesting event was started by Mihai Serea – Kondi Brunch. A weekly meeting that should be fun, but something that would help us share knowledge and debate several topics from our line of business. Read more
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  • Kondiment Brunch #2 with Mihai Alexandru Serea

    Hey there,


    Last week we’ve started a new tradition – every Thursday at 12:00pm we meet up in our café and discuss life, business, web, the Universe and more. Well, not exactly… The purpose of our brunch (or any brunch for that matter as far as this author is concerned) is to get out of our daily routine and do something fun, be surrounded by fun people.


    And that’s what we do. It’s not meant to be too trainingy, marketingy or work focused, there are enough personal development initiatives going around without our involvement {^___^} It’s meant to be entertaining first, and sure, if we can also learn something from one another along the way, then why not?


    Today’s brunch was about facebook, the difference between product and project management, doing stuff, entertainment, music and some other stuff that we are not at liberty to disclose here or we would be forced to have you all killed {~___^}


    So what is the difference between a product and a project manager?


    Well, the most accurate answer is, as usual “it depends” – it depends because it differs from organisation to organisation, it might even differ from project to project within the same organisation, but if you’re keen on finding a general definition, the shortest & sweetest version of that would be somewhere along these lines: product management answers the “what?” question, while project management offers answers to the “how?” question. Product Manager – What?, Project Manager – How?


    Get it? Got it? Good!


    No but seriously, it all comes down to this. So, now you know. Whenever you have a dilemma pertaining to this matter, if whatever you’re thinking of can be traced back to a what question, then it belongs in the product management department, if it has more of a how flavor, then it’s a project manager thing.


    Think you can do better, we’d sure like to know, so be sure to shoot your version of a sweet & short definition for product vs project management in the comment box below.


    Till next time, I’m Sammy. Cheerios!


    Written by Mihai Alexandru Serea

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