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  • Happy 10th Anniversary, Facebook!

    Today it’s Facebook’s 10th anniversary! 10 years of connecting and crossing boundaries, 10 years since the beginning of the Social Media Age!

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  • Kondiment’s ICEEfest experience

    On the 6th and 7th of June, we were a part of the largest event organized in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together the Internet, digital industry and technology's biggest players – ICEEfest 2013. We had two full days in which we met up with amazing people and participated to some interesting presentations and workshops. Read more
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  • ICEEFEST coming soon!

    In the world of Digital Marketing, specialised events and conferences are a must for any company active in this dynamic industry. And when such an event, organised in Bucharest, reaches its 5th birthday, it’s a cause for celebration. Read more
    Posted by kondi on 20.05.2013 in


  • Do you need Search Reputation Management? How ethical is it?

    online reputation management
    Search Reputation Management represents a practice of influencing the results which are displayed in SERP (search engine results page). This kind of SEO service can be used both for individuals and brands that are interested about their online image. Read more
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  • 6 Mistakes an Affiliate Marketer Should Avoid

    Getting started with affiliate marketing is not hard. But it’s quite easy to make mistakes as well. There’s absolutely no doubt that becoming an affiliate marketer is a surefire way of making money online. Read more
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  • How is Social Media propelling your business to success?

    There is a multitude of businesses out there that enter the world of social media thinking that this will help them become successful in a very short time. They hope that their efforts will bring along a huge number of new customers, which also means a lot of benefits and a significant increase of income; but things do not always happen like such. To create traction from social media efforts, you need time and perseverance. There are brands that engage in valuable social media actions that really help them build an image, create a reputation and sell. Just because some brands fail, it does not mean that social media does not work. Read more
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  • Top 3 online buzz generators during the Super Bowl 2013

    Oreo Ad Super Bowl 2013
    Here at Kondiment, we’re great fans of the Super Bowl ads and of the creative ways the brands communicate; but, since we’re an online marketing agency, we got curious and wanted to see what happened online during this celebration of sports and advertising. So, we started digging the online records of this year’s event and here’s what we found. Read more
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  • What’s New In Google Analytics – 2013 Changes And Updates

    Analytics changes 2013
    Google Analytics has made a series of changes to their user interface and also some updates on the reporting data for this year. Let’s see what it is all about. Read more
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  • Do you know what drives users to your content?

    A few days earlier a friend of mine pointed me towards an article discussing various factors which drove users to a company's online content. Although the study behind the article is done in the USA, I think it is safe to say that it's main conclusions apply internationally, as well, even though the exact numbers might differ. Read more
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  • Why so curious? The importance of asking questions

    A few days ago a friend asked me a very good question: "What is the best question you have ever heard or you have ever been asked?" And I answered him, trying to be funny, that the best question I have ever been asked was "Are you stupid?" - because it made me think. (I'm an Eastern- European, this is how we do education here.) Read more
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