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  • How is Social Media propelling your business to success?

    There is a multitude of businesses out there that enter the world of social media thinking that this will help them become successful in a very short time. They hope that their efforts will bring along a huge number of new customers, which also means a lot of benefits and a significant increase of income; but things do not always happen like such. To create traction from social media efforts, you need time and perseverance. There are brands that engage in valuable social media actions that really help them build an image, create a reputation and sell. Just because some brands fail, it does not mean that social media does not work.

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  • Happy Birthday, Cristina Salageanu!

    Much to our delight, spring finally came in Kondiment. And what a debut it had! On March 2nd, we celebrated the birthday of Cristina Salageanu, our Web Developer. Read more
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  • Happy Birthday, dear Amy!

    Amalia Jianu Birthday
    Amalia has a special gift of seeing what is beautiful pays a lot of attention to each and every detail. We are happy that our company’s image, and the very artistic and chic fashion vertical, are both under her supervision. Read more
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  • Top 3 online buzz generators during the Super Bowl 2013

    Oreo Ad Super Bowl 2013
    Here at Kondiment, we’re great fans of the Super Bowl ads and of the creative ways the brands communicate; but, since we’re an online marketing agency, we got curious and wanted to see what happened online during this celebration of sports and advertising. So, we started digging the online records of this year’s event and here’s what we found. Read more
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  • What’s New In Google Analytics – 2013 Changes And Updates

    Analytics changes 2013
    Google Analytics has made a series of changes to their user interface and also some updates on the reporting data for this year. Let’s see what it is all about. Read more
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  • Do you know what drives users to your content?

    A few days earlier a friend of mine pointed me towards an article discussing various factors which drove users to a company's online content. Although the study behind the article is done in the USA, I think it is safe to say that it's main conclusions apply internationally, as well, even though the exact numbers might differ. Read more
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  • A Christmas Story: Kondiment’s Performing Year

    Season's Greetings from Kondiment
    It is customary at the end of a year for the family to gather and share some memories of what’s happened and what they’re most grateful for. In our small family, we have a habit of doing the same. And, can we say, it truly has been an amazing year. Read more
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  • Why so curious? The importance of asking questions

    A few days ago a friend asked me a very good question: "What is the best question you have ever heard or you have ever been asked?" And I answered him, trying to be funny, that the best question I have ever been asked was "Are you stupid?" - because it made me think. (I'm an Eastern- European, this is how we do education here.) Read more
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  • What’s in a name?

    What's in a name? The process of choosing a brand's name
    You know what they say is a copywriter’s biggest dream? A client that says “Let’s make the copy longer”, instead of saying “Let’s keep it as short as possible”. Shortly after this big copywriting dream comes another one: to see the copy out there, in the real world, not just as a concept on paper or in various e-mail subject lines, meaning something, making a change for users and business owners all around. And the simplest way to make this dream come true is by participating in a branding process and coming up with names for the future business. Read more
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  • Do you treat Social Media content like a King?

    We live in the era where, at some point, every business goes social. So it’s no longer a matter of adopting the social media for your business, but of building and executing a proper strategy for your public, whether your focus drops on B2C, B2B or both. Moving beyond your business’s website and social media presence and extending your online efforts past the point of just “being there” will most certainly pay off in short time. Read more
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