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  • Plus1 certification for Kondiment: Google Tag Manager Specialist!

    Last week, our team got some great news! Kondiment Group is now a Google Tag Manager specialist and can offer assistance and help to any other company who wishes to use the Google Tag Manager tool to the max.

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  • 8 Tips & Tricks for a Successful e-commerce Business

    The e-commerce market in Romania is increasing by 15%-20% per year. More and more online stores appear and want to take their side of this market which Visa estimated to be of 200 million Euros spent in Romanian stores only. Those who want to open an online store, but also established online stores owners, can get a few interesting and useful tips & tricks from this blog post I prepared. Read more
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  • How to recruit on Social Media using Linkedin

    The new buzz-word in employment and staffing is social media recruitment. Most of today’s recruiters have gone from posting ads in the newspaper to posting on job sites across the span of the last decade. We are currently within a revolution of finding the right talent for the right job. This revolution comes on as a consequence of a bigger background trend the online world is witnessing: social media.


    Although I regularly talk and develop on top of Facebook, today I’m going to talk about Linkedin. And, although there aren’t as many users on Linkedin as there are on Facebook, the ones that do use Linkedin are early adopters.


    If you are staffing for the IT or Online Department than you are interested in early adopters. Early adopters are the kind of people that get easily excited about new technology and try it on. They are intrapreneurial, they are pro-active and flexible. Yes the kind you would want to employ. Big IT companies have their recruiters allover social media as we speak. Why not follow the trend and use the same techniques to recruit A players on our team?




    When doing something worthwile, it’s clear you need to invest: time or money. If you want to invest time (and save money) in Recruitment on Linkedin, then you will want to use an organic method of recruitment. If you are willing to invest money (to save time), then you can use the paid method of recruitment.




    There are several ways to recruit great candidates on linkedin without paying a dime. Let’s go through them: 



    The easiest one is to find a very good candidate and check out the groups he has joined. Do this for 5 candidates and you will have a very good list of groups where your candidates like debating professional topics and looking for jobs. Then you join those groups (50 groups maximum) and check the list of members. You will then be able to personally message them as a group colleague, and it will be for free. The good thing about Linkedin is that you will have access to your prospects’ full CVs, their recommandations and any opinions they might have posted on these groups, and you will have an overall idea of the professional quality of your candidates, before you message them in the first place. 



    You can add people as your connections. You can add members of the group you belong, as 2nd degree (the connections of your connections) linkedin members in your list. You should add people from your industry that are influencers (500+ connections on their profile). By having influencers in your network, you will have many useful and qualified candidates as your 2nd degree connections and, therefore approachable, by you (Just click Connect!).



    The search on top right corner of Linkedin is straightforward. Select People on the dropdown and put the name of the position

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  • Why Google Analytics will become the coolest web analytics tool (insights from the summit)

    This year, for me, the Google Analytics Summit was the equivalent of the expression “there’s something in store for us”. The two full days of events were very motivational for me on a personal level, since I was able to see the Google project management team working to improve the products and also witnessing all the possibilities that are now in front of us as marketers. Read more
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  • Lucian Despoiu at Webit 2012: Business Opportunities in Online Political Campaigning

    In October 2012, Lucian was invited to participate as a speaker at the International Webit Congres – the only global event dedicated to the new digital and tech markets.


    Webit 2012 was the fourth edition of the event and the first one to be held in Istanbul. The event nowadays recognized as a “beacon for the digital industry professionals” hosted 7 conferences, and over 6000 professionals from 72 countries were present, discussing new ideas and business opportunities. The fourth edition of Webit gathered representatives from companies such as Google, Facebook, PayPal, IBM and more, along with government representatives, entrepreneurs and investors and digital professionals.


    Lucian was asked to participate as a speaker at this unique event at the Leaders of the Future / Entrepreneurs conference, on October 10th. The presentation he delivered, “Business Opportunities in Online Political Campaigning”, tackled on a very interesting topic: why should an entrepreneur or business man care about the online political campaigns?


    The very simple answer is this: there are a lot of possibilities and business opportunities that have emerged from online political campaigns. The online political communication market has grown to extents you cannot imagine and there are numerous chances every business owner can take. And we must not forget a very important fact: even if your business is not related to the political world at all, it is still influenced by the decisions politicians make and, in this particular situation, internet gives provides you the power of information.


    In his presentation, Lucian discussed about how big the online political communication market really is, what are the major players in the industry, key elements of a political campaign in the 21st century and lessons learned from over 20 online political campaigns Kondiment was active in.


    Lucian also discussed about an important paradigm shift in the domain: from services to products. It is not enough to offer services; nowadays, companies have to develop specific products and solutions that can help parties and representatives to be more organized and to reach their supporters and likely voters, while also providing business opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. Such a solution is Kondiment’s own Kombo suite.


    It was a unique experience for our company to be represented at such a large-scale event and for Lucian to be a part of a selected number of speakers. Webit is truly an innovation and we are proud to have been a part of it.


    For in-depth information, you can see Lucian’s entire presentation on SlideShare.



    Business Opportunities in Online Political Campaigning (Product Development Roadmap) from Kondiment Group   Article picture: Panel of speakers, Webit 2012. Read more
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  • Madalin Dinu asked us: What are the ingredients of success?

    A while ago, in Kondiment Bucharest, an interesting event was started by Mihai Serea – Kondi Brunch. A weekly meeting that should be fun, but something that would help us share knowledge and debate several topics from our line of business. Read more
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  • Happy Birthday, Aneta Plesa!

    Kondiment Aneta Plesa Birthday
    The Holiday Season continues here at Kondiment Bucharest. Today we're celebrating our Online Marketer, Aneta Plesa. Read more
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  • Happy Birthday, Catalin Cristea!

    It’s a double holiday here at Kondiment Bucharest. Today we’re celebrating not only Halloween, but also the birthday of our Head of Design, Catalin Cristea. Read more
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  • Dress up Halloween as a business opportunity

    The important question today is not if you celebrate Halloween. It’s if your business does. In the last years, Halloween has grown in importance more than you can imagine and is now as big as Easter and Christmas for business owners.


    Since Halloween is celebrated, one way or the other, by a lot of people, your business should not pass on this amazing promotion opportunity. You do not have to own a candy store or a costume parlor to make Halloween count for your business. It is all about meeting your client’s expectations, showing them that important moments in their lives count for you and making your own personal statement.


    But why is Halloween such an important holiday?


    First, it is a more and more internationalized company. It is true that Halloween as we know it is an American flavored holiday, but Halloween is present and celebrated in a number of countries, and it has an international flavor and promotes values that people can relate to.


    Also, it is important because it stimulates sales and economy. Halloween is only surpassed by Christmas as far as economic activities are concerned – and this really says something about how important it is for people around the world.


    What can your online business do to celebrate Halloween?


    The online offers a lot of opportunities to celebrate Halloween, and at lower costs than traditional media. You have a chance to get your message across, to raise awareness for your company and to communicate your business purposes – all by adding up some Halloween flavor to otherwise dull messages. Here are a few things you can do that will help you engage clients and ultimately boost your sales:


    1. Spice up your social media messages


    Halloween is a great occasion for engaging customers. At its core, Halloween is all about dressing up, being someone else and being playful. You can use these things to your advantage. You can hold competitions and offer winners symbolic prizes. You can ask people questions on Facebook about how they celebrate. You can send out personalized e-mails one day before Halloween reminding people to start celebrating.


    2.Dress up your business – online and offline


    Since Halloween is all about dressing up, do not hesitate to add some fun accessories in your offices (carved pumpkins are always a fun idea) or to add some interesting details to your website. It is important to celebrate this holiday along with your clients, even if you might not celebrate it personally.


    3. Be creative!


    Another way of using Halloween as a marketing opportunity and to get your message across in an unusual manner is to create special ads and banners for the occasion. Even if your company is not involved directly in the Halloween business, you can make use of the values Halloween stands for to market your own messages. Halloween is all about playing, crossing boundaries, courage and doing the impossible. Exploit these values

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  • Happy Birthday, Lucian Despoiu!

    It’s Celebration Day again here at Kondiment Bucharest. Today we’re happy to be wishing Happy Birthday to none other than Mr. Lucian Despoiu, KONDIMENT Group’s General Manager and Founder. And since it’s his special day, we took the liberty to steal a few minutes of your time to let you know more about Lucian.


    As many of you know, he founded KONDIMENT in 2001, in Romania. What you may not know is that he started the agency when the idea of Internet marketing was only just blooming in our country. Later on, the full service digital agency transformed into KONDIMENT Group and is now one of the most successful Performance Marketing agencies in Eastern Europe, with offices in Romania, Germany, Serbia, Armenia, United States of America and Cyprus.


    Long before he started Kondiment, Lucian was very interested in entrepreneurial activities. During his career, he got involved in different projects, bringing passion, creativity and business flair into each and every one. One of those projects is the NGO “Volunteers for Ideas and Projects” in 1998, founded with the purpose of stimulating and encouraging the entrepreneurial initiatives of students. Another project he helped launch was eJobs.ro, started in 2000 and now the biggest employment portal in Romania, recently acquired by the Ringier Media Trust.


    Those of you that have met Lucian know how intuitive he is and how quickly he sees and seizes opportunities. He not only observes if there is a need on the market that no project responds to, but he also makes it a mission to successfully launch that project.  This was the case with Fairsolve.com (www.fairsolve.com)- the online platform for trading goods that resulted from the insolvency procedures and enforcement that now is a very successful trading platform.


    Today, Lucian continues his tradition of spotting opportunities where other people only see a stop sign. This is why he took the leap from a full service agency to also developing tools and products. The first two internal products are developed to help people activating in travel industry and politics: Travelbox and Kombo. We will soon reveal more on these two projects.


    You might say that we say all these nice things about Lucian because he is our boss, so of course we talk him up; but this is as far from the truth as possible. Lucian is very good not only at creating a strong, dedicated team of professionals, but also at keeping that team together and turning it into a family. He is not only the brain behind KONDIMENT Group, but also the heart of it. No matter how far he travels, how much time might go by without him being at the office, he is the engine that keeps the wheels going.


    And now, for the traditional part of “things we know about Lucian and he does not know we know”… we’re afraid that there aren’t many secrets to tell, since he is a very open person, ready to talk about anything at all times. Also,

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