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  • Word’s out on the jobs market: we are hiring a Senior Art Director

    We know some of your sighed when they saw the latest job post. Maybe you are very interested in being a part of our team and really want to work with us, but don't have the necessary skills to join us as a Senior PHP developer. Well, Today might just be your lucky day, if you are more on the creative side.

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  • Join our Bucharest team as a Senior PHP Developer!

    Kondiment Bucharest is hiring! We’re offering you the chance to join our team of super talented professionals and to work on some very interesting projects with us. At the moment, we’re looking for a PHP developer to complete our technical team. Read more
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  • Lucian Despoiu about Online Marketing Campaigns done right

    This September, Lucian Despoiu was invited to deliver a presentation at the International Conference "Marketing In Direct", held in Bucharest. The topic chosen is a rather vast one, but one that is also very much discussed today: the transition from online marketing to performance marketing. Read more
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  • Happy Birthday to our Political Adviser, Roxana Arginteanu!

    It seems autumn is a good season here at Kondiment Bucharest. A lot of our dear colleagues are celebrating their birthday – which is a very good news for the rest of us who get to eat delicious cookies and pastry products weekly :).


    Today, we’re celebrating Roxana Arginteanu, our Political Consultant. Happy Birthday, Roxana!


    She has worked with us for some time now and joined our team full time this spring. With her solid political background and journalism experience, she is a very valuable addition to our political team.


    When you first meet Roxana, informally, you wouldn’t say she works in a tough and unforgiving environment such as politics. She manages to put a different spin on a rather rigid domain and make it more warm. However, at work, she is blunt and straight-forward – Kondiment’s own Iron Lady. She has a keen eye for details, solid knowledge in the political field and has a habit of seeing every challenge as an opportunity, since she finds all things complicated more interesting.


    And now, the moment you’ve been all waiting for: we’ll tell you some things about Roxana that we know and she doesn’t know we know.


    She had a certain thirst for knowledge ever since she was little and so, she neglected her final exams just so that she could catch up on her philosophical readings. She is afraid of heights – but not metaphorically. Also, she has a lot of principles for the year and age we live in: she is a vertical person and she demands a lot in her personal relations.


    We love her terrific laugh that booms so often on our terrace. A conversation with Roxana could never be borring.


    Happy Birthday, Roxana! May you have a life full of joy and challenges.


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  • Happy Birthday to our Video Wizard, Razvan Dumitrescu!

    We’re continuing the tradition of celebrating our team members who are getting older and wiser. Today we’re saying Happy Birthday to the brain of our Motion Graphics department  (also known as The Video Wizard), Razvan Dumitrescu!


    And in the good tradition we instated, we’ll now tell you more about our birthday boy!


    Razvan has been working with us for four years now – how time flies! Before joining Kondiment Group, he worked as Senior QA Tester for Iplay International and as QA Tester for Gameloft Romania. It was here at Kondiment that he had the chance to exercise and improve his passions: graphic design and animation. He is the one that gives life to all our creative work, projects for our clients or our own projects and campaigns. What we most love about his work is that it always surprises in a certain way. So, when you’re thinking that you are looking for “a different approach”, “something cool”, “something special”, he’s your guy. You’ll have a taste of what he does at the end of this article.


    Razvan is very passionate about sports cars, technology, music and “discovery-like” TV channels and magazines. Going on the road with Razvan is like being on the race track. He is also passionate about entrepreneurship and he is always willing to try out new ideas. Also, our guy here has a cool way of living, dressing-up and travelling. And, as a final touch of his description, he has this unmistakable countagious laugh, which we all love to have in the office.


    When he finds the time, he blogs on his website www.erde247.com which he branded by his initials in romanian (R spells as “er” and D spells as “de”), but also because, by the german he speaks, “erde” means earth, hence the mood of his logo. The 247 comes from 24/7 as in a website that’s always open :).


    As for our usual “here’s something you didn’t know about X and something he doesn’t know we know”, here are some interesting facts about Razvan: when he was younger, he used to wear his hair longer and accessorize it with bandanas or hair bands; his inner child is still very present – he plays lots of games at home; he hated pasta and salmon untill two years ago, when he finally discovered the tasteness that he missed. Since then, he’s willing to accept lots of gastronomy dares. Also, you’ll never guess what TV show he presently loves to watch. It’s “Sex and The City”!


    We’ll come back with more. Probably next year.


    Happy birthday, Razvan Dumitrescu! Enjoy today and the rest of your life!


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  • Radu Puchiu about The beauty of public administration

    No, there's no irony in the title. This is more of an invitation to a different approach on the public sector, an invitation to discovering its hidden beauty and, mostly, its hidden potential. Read more
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  • Mixing e-commerce and social networking in developing www.inmedio.ro

    “I’m happy that we managed to realize not only an online store in which users can subscribe to over 800 international top publications, but a very complex platform in which you can make friends, contribute on the forum, read news and many more – and all these with a single subscriber account. We practically managed to create a social network revolving around passions and communities.” Read more
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  • Kondiment Brunch #2 with Mihai Alexandru Serea

    Hey there,


    Last week we’ve started a new tradition – every Thursday at 12:00pm we meet up in our café and discuss life, business, web, the Universe and more. Well, not exactly… The purpose of our brunch (or any brunch for that matter as far as this author is concerned) is to get out of our daily routine and do something fun, be surrounded by fun people.


    And that’s what we do. It’s not meant to be too trainingy, marketingy or work focused, there are enough personal development initiatives going around without our involvement {^___^} It’s meant to be entertaining first, and sure, if we can also learn something from one another along the way, then why not?


    Today’s brunch was about facebook, the difference between product and project management, doing stuff, entertainment, music and some other stuff that we are not at liberty to disclose here or we would be forced to have you all killed {~___^}


    So what is the difference between a product and a project manager?


    Well, the most accurate answer is, as usual “it depends” – it depends because it differs from organisation to organisation, it might even differ from project to project within the same organisation, but if you’re keen on finding a general definition, the shortest & sweetest version of that would be somewhere along these lines: product management answers the “what?” question, while project management offers answers to the “how?” question. Product Manager – What?, Project Manager – How?


    Get it? Got it? Good!


    No but seriously, it all comes down to this. So, now you know. Whenever you have a dilemma pertaining to this matter, if whatever you’re thinking of can be traced back to a what question, then it belongs in the product management department, if it has more of a how flavor, then it’s a project manager thing.


    Think you can do better, we’d sure like to know, so be sure to shoot your version of a sweet & short definition for product vs project management in the comment box below.


    Till next time, I’m Sammy. Cheerios!


    Written by Mihai Alexandru Serea

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  • Kondiment Training Center opens its Fall Session

    Summer has ended and school is right around the corner. Kondiment Training Center is also back from vacation and has prepared a series of new, interesting trainings for the following months. These trainings offer professionals and business owners the opportunity to study from our specialists and to gain new perspectives on online marketing activities.


    Here are the trainings you can sign up for in September:

    “Google AdWords Basics” – September 15th. “Search Engine Optimization Basics” – September 21st “Google Analytics Reports Interpreting” – September 28th


    Kondiment Training Center marks the beginning of the Fall Session with a special offer. Sign up for any two training sessions and you can benefit from a 15% discount. Sign up for any three training sessions and the discount you’ll get is 20%.

    Our Kondiment Training Center is the perfect place for you to learn how to efficiently promote your online business. You can learn the basic principles on which search engines operate and what you can do to better promote your website, learn how to interpret Google Analytics reports so that you can develop marketing strategies that work, and find out the basic principles of AdWords so that you can create efficient ads and have a better control on your costs.

    The Center is also opened for business owners looking to enroll employees in performing trainings that will improve their skills.




    About Kondiment Training Center

    Kondiment Training Center started 4 years ago as a Kondiment Group’s initiative with the purpose of sharing the valuable knowledge of our online marketing professionals.  The Center now offers participants trainings in Online Marketing, Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization, with a focus on applying the notions learned in everyday’s business. Among our trainers we nominate Gabriela Andrei, a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified Individual and also one of the pioneers of Search Engine Optimization in Romania.

    To find out more on our trainings, please visit the Kondiment Training Center Website. You will also be able to check the Trainings calendar to see other planned trainings, as well.



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  • Happy Birthday, Mihai Serea!

    Today we are celebrating Mihai Alexandru Serea, our Group Product & Project Manager. Some of you might know him as SAM.


    It’s his birthday today and we thought of making something nice for him, so we offered him a little celebration moment in our header on www.kondiment.ro. This is actually a new tradition that we’re starting today, so we will let you know about all the birthdays, parties and special events going on in our office using our header and a blog post. Drop by from time to time also to check what’s going on.


    And now, how about we tell you more about our birthday boy?


    Besides being a great professional, we love Mihai for his coolness, for his good sense of style and quality, for being always so composed and for making us smile. He has a way of making things seem easy and helping us focus on the bright side of life.


    Mihai has been with us since February, but it’s been like forever for us. Besides doing a great job here at Komdiment, he is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at mi:INTERACTIVE and he also worked in companies such as Netbridge Services, Axway, Halo.ro and many more.


    Here at Kondiment, Mihai is our Product and Project Manager for eTravel web apps and services – if you need consultancy on your online travel business, he is the Kondiment specialist you need. Mihai is the driving force behind TBx, our awesome online travel solution that will be of service for any company activating in the tourism industry, while also setting new standards for other similar technologies. About this, you can find out more on http://www.kondiment.ro/travel/tbx .


    And, since we like to snoop around, here’s something you didn’t know about Mihai and something he doesn’t know we know: when he was about 2-3 years old, he was enjoying a walk with his grandfather and we started pointing at different cars, stating their brand: This is a Lada, this is a Renault and so on. He was so accurate, that his grandfather got scared, went home and told Mihai’s mom all about it.


    His passion for cars followed him into adulthood, and now Mihai is the owner of AutoIQ.ro, a website focused on cars reviews, driving advices and other things related to the automobile industry.


    Also, another thing we found out while snooping around is that when he was only 1 year old, Mihai was kind of chubby. Actually, he was very chubby, which made it a bit difficult for him to learn how to walk. Allow us to put a big smile on this one. Here it goes: “:)”.


    Now, Mihai is an avid supporter of a healthy lifestyle and he is very passionate about sports, mostly about tennis – and he is also good at it, too. He now owns a website called FaSport.ro that allows users to add different gyms and places you can practice sports all around the

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