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  • SNS Power weekend

    Kondiment - SNS Power Weekend

    We decided to invite part of the SNS campaign staff to Bucharest, in order to meet the rest of our team and spend a weekend with us.

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  • Campaigning for the brand new president of Serbia

    In the past months, Kondiment’s forces were concentrated on the Serbian presidential campaign in which our team played a great role. We were asked to be a part of the SNS (Serbian Progressive Party) campaign, supporting their candidate, Tomislav Nikolic for the presidential elections. Read more
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  • Behind the scenes of political marketing campaigns

    Kondiment has a long history of working in different political marketing campaigns, local or national, in countries such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. In all these years planning and developing online campaigns, we have come to learn some things that Lucian Despoiu, Kondiment Managing Partner and Founder, shared in an interview with the Romanian news portal Realitatea.net.


    The interview is more focused on the campaigns that took place in Romania, but some of the things you can learn are applicable to political campaigns all around the world.


    First of all, one should know that a political marketing campaign is different from a commercial campaign in that success cannot be measured in unique visitors, bounce rate, click through rate, open rate or other indicators. Lucian Despoiu has come to the conclusion that defining adequate KPIs for efficient political marketing campaigns is essential. One must have a deep understanding of the Internet and of the way voters act online. Each campaign and candidate has different KPIs that have to be set up accordingly and to take into consideration the political platform and overall image of the party or candidate. Thus, Lucian Despoiu states that it is vital that on the political campaign in question, no matter the country or the type of campaign (local or national), there has to be someone involved straight from the party’s core that can correctly set up the KPIs and that can be in charge with the whole communication, making sure it follows certain guidelines.


    Another important thing that separates political marketing campaigns from commercial marketing campaigns is that you cannot start a campaign just 10 days prior to the elections. Sure, a constant line of communication with the public must be present in commercial campaigns as well, but in political marketing, this is vital.


    A constant, valuable communication has to exist, the party or candidate has to be well aware of who are his potential voters, what they want, what they need, where they spend most of their online time and make it so that, when time comes he has to ask for their vote, it’s a natural act of communication and does not seem forced in any way. This also means that the type of communication has to be a hybrid one – meaning that online communication has to be sustained by offline activities, and also that an efficient online political communication has to be micro-targeted and permanently optimized.


    In Romanian politics today, parties and candidates believe that, in order to have an online campaign, it is sufficient that they pay “online posters” that comment on various posts, news or news websites. But Lucian Despoiu warns them that this is not enough.


    Political marketing campaigns are complex, need a lot of work and that is why an online political campaign can cost up to 650 000 EUR (national) or 120 000 EUR (local). But given that an online campaign can have an impact on 2%-10% out

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