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  • How local Facebook pages of global companies can multiply their fanbase in an instant

    Facebook Global Pages Article Cover

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the same large number of likes as the mother company on the subsidiary company’s Facebook page as well? Well, that is possible now with the new feature rolled out by Facebook not long ago called “Global Pages”.

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  • Brands use online language in offline ads to make a statement

    online language offline campaigns
    There is no doubt: online is the way to go. Businesses understood how important it is for them to be present in this ever-growing medium, to give their clients the opportunity to find them, to communicate with them, to ask questions and get answers, to engage in a more personal way. Read more
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  • A Christmas Story: Kondiment’s Performing Year

    Season's Greetings from Kondiment
    It is customary at the end of a year for the family to gather and share some memories of what’s happened and what they’re most grateful for. In our small family, we have a habit of doing the same. And, can we say, it truly has been an amazing year. Read more
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  • How to recruit on Social Media using Linkedin

    The new buzz-word in employment and staffing is social media recruitment. Most of today’s recruiters have gone from posting ads in the newspaper to posting on job sites across the span of the last decade. We are currently within a revolution of finding the right talent for the right job. This revolution comes on as a consequence of a bigger background trend the online world is witnessing: social media.


    Although I regularly talk and develop on top of Facebook, today I’m going to talk about Linkedin. And, although there aren’t as many users on Linkedin as there are on Facebook, the ones that do use Linkedin are early adopters.


    If you are staffing for the IT or Online Department than you are interested in early adopters. Early adopters are the kind of people that get easily excited about new technology and try it on. They are intrapreneurial, they are pro-active and flexible. Yes the kind you would want to employ. Big IT companies have their recruiters allover social media as we speak. Why not follow the trend and use the same techniques to recruit A players on our team?




    When doing something worthwile, it’s clear you need to invest: time or money. If you want to invest time (and save money) in Recruitment on Linkedin, then you will want to use an organic method of recruitment. If you are willing to invest money (to save time), then you can use the paid method of recruitment.




    There are several ways to recruit great candidates on linkedin without paying a dime. Let’s go through them: 



    The easiest one is to find a very good candidate and check out the groups he has joined. Do this for 5 candidates and you will have a very good list of groups where your candidates like debating professional topics and looking for jobs. Then you join those groups (50 groups maximum) and check the list of members. You will then be able to personally message them as a group colleague, and it will be for free. The good thing about Linkedin is that you will have access to your prospects’ full CVs, their recommandations and any opinions they might have posted on these groups, and you will have an overall idea of the professional quality of your candidates, before you message them in the first place. 



    You can add people as your connections. You can add members of the group you belong, as 2nd degree (the connections of your connections) linkedin members in your list. You should add people from your industry that are influencers (500+ connections on their profile). By having influencers in your network, you will have many useful and qualified candidates as your 2nd degree connections and, therefore approachable, by you (Just click Connect!).



    The search on top right corner of Linkedin is straightforward. Select People on the dropdown and put the name of the position

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  • Campaigning for the brand new president of Serbia

    In the past months, Kondiment’s forces were concentrated on the Serbian presidential campaign in which our team played a great role. We were asked to be a part of the SNS (Serbian Progressive Party) campaign, supporting their candidate, Tomislav Nikolic for the presidential elections. Read more
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  • OurClimate Penguins Teasing Campaign on Facebook

    OurClimate is a leading worldwide non-profit organization with a mission to educate present and future generations on the negative effects of CO2 emissions and also create the limelight for those who are committed to developing solutions. Kondiment created the brand identity and two websites for the project. The launch of the project and the unveiling of the websites were planned for February 5th, but the client wanted to launch a teasing campaign up to that date in order to stir things up on Facebook. Read more
    Posted by on 21.04.2012 in
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