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  • Happy Birthday, Alina Teodorescu!

    The month of May started just right here in Kondiment: a lot of new, exciting projects that we can't wait to tell you more about when the time is right, a lot of work and dedication, but also, in the middle of all this, a lot of fun: yesterday marked Alina Teodorescu's birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday, Andreea Pupaza!

    It's April 1st, but it's no joke: we are having a very important celebration here in Kondiment. It's Andreea Pupaza's birthday! Read more
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  • Happy birthday, Sorin Chircu!

    Today is a very important day. As you may already know, it's the International Happiness Day, so it's time to be happy! And here at Kondiment, we're already happy about something. It's Sorin Chircu's birthday! Read more
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  • Happy Birthday, Cristina Salageanu!

    Much to our delight, spring finally came in Kondiment. And what a debut it had! On March 2nd, we celebrated the birthday of Cristina Salageanu, our Web Developer. Read more
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  • Happy Birthday, dear Amy!

    Amalia Jianu Birthday
    Amalia has a special gift of seeing what is beautiful pays a lot of attention to each and every detail. We are happy that our company’s image, and the very artistic and chic fashion vertical, are both under her supervision. Read more
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  • A Christmas Story: Kondiment’s Performing Year

    Season's Greetings from Kondiment
    It is customary at the end of a year for the family to gather and share some memories of what’s happened and what they’re most grateful for. In our small family, we have a habit of doing the same. And, can we say, it truly has been an amazing year. Read more
    Posted by on 11.12.2012 in
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  • Happy Birthday, Aneta Plesa!

    Kondiment Aneta Plesa Birthday
    The Holiday Season continues here at Kondiment Bucharest. Today we're celebrating our Online Marketer, Aneta Plesa. Read more
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