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  • A Christmas Story: Kondiment’s Performing Year

    Season's Greetings from Kondiment

    It is customary at the end of a year for the family to gather and share some memories of what’s happened and what they’re most grateful for. In our small family, we have a habit of doing the same. And, can we say, it truly has been an amazing year.

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    Posted by on 11.12.2012 in
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  • What’s in a name?

    What's in a name? The process of choosing a brand's name
    You know what they say is a copywriter’s biggest dream? A client that says “Let’s make the copy longer”, instead of saying “Let’s keep it as short as possible”. Shortly after this big copywriting dream comes another one: to see the copy out there, in the real world, not just as a concept on paper or in various e-mail subject lines, meaning something, making a change for users and business owners all around. And the simplest way to make this dream come true is by participating in a branding process and coming up with names for the future business. Read more
    Posted by on 26.11.2012 in
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  • Plus1 certification for Kondiment: Google Tag Manager Specialist!

    Last week, our team got some great news! Kondiment Group is now a Google Tag Manager specialist and can offer assistance and help to any other company who wishes to use the Google Tag Manager tool to the max. Read more
    Posted by on 19.11.2012 in
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  • 8 Tips & Tricks for a Successful e-commerce Business

    The e-commerce market in Romania is increasing by 15%-20% per year. More and more online stores appear and want to take their side of this market which Visa estimated to be of 200 million Euros spent in Romanian stores only. Those who want to open an online store, but also established online stores owners, can get a few interesting and useful tips & tricks from this blog post I prepared. Read more
    Posted by on 15.11.2012 in
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  • Why Google Analytics will become the coolest web analytics tool (insights from the summit)

    This year, for me, the Google Analytics Summit was the equivalent of the expression “there’s something in store for us”. The two full days of events were very motivational for me on a personal level, since I was able to see the Google project management team working to improve the products and also witnessing all the possibilities that are now in front of us as marketers. Read more
    Posted by on 07.11.2012 in
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  • Lucian Despoiu about Online Marketing Campaigns done right

    This September, Lucian Despoiu was invited to deliver a presentation at the International Conference "Marketing In Direct", held in Bucharest. The topic chosen is a rather vast one, but one that is also very much discussed today: the transition from online marketing to performance marketing. Read more
    Posted by on 04.10.2012 in
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  • Mixing e-commerce and social networking in developing www.inmedio.ro

    “I’m happy that we managed to realize not only an online store in which users can subscribe to over 800 international top publications, but a very complex platform in which you can make friends, contribute on the forum, read news and many more – and all these with a single subscriber account. We practically managed to create a social network revolving around passions and communities.” Read more
    Posted by on 14.09.2012 in
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  • Check out the mobile version of Kondiment.ro – compact and easy to use

    mobile kondiment website
    After the endeavor of creating and developing our new Kondiment company website, we have come to the conclusion that a mobile version of our website is required. Read more
    Posted by on 15.08.2012 in
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  • SNS Power weekend

    Kondiment - SNS Power Weekend
    We decided to invite part of the SNS campaign staff to Bucharest, in order to meet the rest of our team and spend a weekend with us. Read more
    Posted by on 23.06.2012 in
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  • Meet Kondiment Bucharest’s newest member on June 18th!

    In only 10 days, our team in Bucharest will grow. A brand new adition to our team will be announced on this website on June 18th. Read more
    Posted by on 08.06.2012 in
    "The news, What we do"


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