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    There is no doubt: online is the way to go. Businesses understood how important it is for them to be present in this ever-growing medium, to give their clients the opportunity to find them, to communicate with them, to ask questions and get answers, to engage in a more personal way. Social Media plays a key role in a brand’s promotion strategy. What you don’t know, however, is exactly how Social Media affects the way brands communicate offline as well. There are brands that try to push people not to, but from social media and into real life.


    This article we read on the NY Times, “Ads that speak the language of social media“, shows us an interesting trend. As part of their strategy, a number of companies are analyzing the negative effects of people spending too much time online, so they are promoting themselves as being “real”, closer to the consumer, in the offline world and accessible. Some examples of such ads are:


    1. Ad for Snickers Peanut Butter Squared candy, sold by Mars:  peanut butter and Snickers is something that you love, not just like.



    2. An ad and video for the Toyota Venza,with the tagline “If my mom hasn’t accepted my friendship request yet, what could she possibly be doing?”-  meanwhile, the parent is out in their Venza enjoying biking trips and quality time with friends.

    3. A Chevrolet print ad that depicts a man and his dog and that clearly states: “Not every friend is on Facebook”.



    Why are brands applying this strategy? It’s not trying to take a shot at social media, as some might think. It is only happening because of the opportunity social media represents.


    Bridgett Judd, group director for strategic innovation at the Los Angeles office of Saatchi & Saatchi (company responsible for the Toyota Venza campaign), said that: “We were using social media in our ads because it’s so understandable”. John Carney, executive vice president and managing director for account operations at the Buntin Group, said something even more clear: “Like most things we do in our business, it started from a strategic place… We were studying a lot of secondary research and looking at our own lives”. Buntin Group run a campaign centered on social media for paper plates:



    Takeaway:  You should treat everything as a business opportunity. Take the case with social media. Users love it, they are present there, that’s for sure. But it’s a relationship that sometimes tires them. In those moments in which they need to take a break, you should be there for them. Speculate your users’ behaviour and provide them with answers to their questions, be they online or offline.


    *Cover photo credit goes to www.gzhou08.wordpress.com.

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