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  • Happy birthday, Sorin Chircu!


    Today is a very important day. As you may already know, it’s the International Happiness Day, so it’s time to be happy! And here at Kondiment, we’re already happy about something. It’s Sorin Chircu’s birthday!


    Sorin Chircu is our PHP & Facebook Developer, working with us since 2011. He is our go-to man when it comes to developing Facebook applications and he is practically our Social Media encyclopedia: he always knows everything there is to know about everything social.


    What makes Sorin stand out is his sharp, analytical mind. He is constantly challenging theories and testing every aspect of what he has to do, so as to eliminate guesses and make everything run smoothly. He likes everything to be clear from the beginning, and this is why he studies every aspect of everything that he needs to do.


    His constant studying and curiosity have made him an expert in Facebook Developing and this is why we were able to present clients with interesting, smart and audacious apps that ultimately obtained the desired results. This was also due to a perfect, clockwise communication between Sorin and everyone else involved in the respective project.


    Sorin is also interested in sharing his knowledge with members of our team or clients. He gladly holds trainings on Facebook marketing and technology, on recruiting via LinkedIn, or even on emotional intelligence at the workplace. His trainings are very thorough and he always structures them in a way that makes it easy to understand and remember concepts.


    As for “Things we know about Sorin and he does not know we know”… there are not that many, mainly because he is a very curious individual, always attentive to what everyone has to say. He is very analytical not only in his day job, but also in his private life. We can’t get anything past him!


    Here at the office, we are very fond of him and call him our “Gulliver”, since he is the tallest member of our team. Also, discussions with Sorin are never boring, since he is able to cover all aspects of any topic we might be analyzing.


    Happy Birthday, Sorin! We’re happy to have you as a Kondiment Team member!

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