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  • Kondiment’s ICEEfest experience

    On the 6th and 7th of June, we were a part of the largest event organized in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together the Internet, digital industry and technology’s biggest players – ICEEfest 2013. We had two full days in which we met up with amazing people and participated to some interesting presentations and workshops.  


    Apart from an amazing digital event for which we congratulate our friends over at ThinkDigital, we also saw ICEEfest as an opportunity to promote our partnership with Digital Marketing Institute. Recently we obtained the license to distribute in Romania the “Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing” trainings program. So, the last couple of weeks have been busy for us – preparing to officialy launch the trainings in Romania.


    ICEEfest also featured a showroom area where several companies presented their services. Kondiment had a stand there and a special surprise for the participants: anyone interested in the program could subscribe to our mailing list during ICEEfest and benefit from a special 20% discount out of the original price of the trainings program: 897 EUR.


    Even Ellie McHugh from Digital Marketing Institute took some time to visit us at our stand.




    We also got a visit from Weronika Sobolak, Client Partner Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, who took part in Lucian Despoiu’s workshop from Day One: Politics 2.0. The long road from “like” to “vote”! 



    And, since our tagline was Feed Your Brain, we also got some carrots to share to people walking by.



    This helped us conduct some real life A/B testing: on day one we had carrots and on day two we chose the classical approach. And the results of the test are in: carrots were a hit! Everyone was curious about the carrots, stopped by our stand and was much more open to listening to us talk about the program. When we had no carrots, it was as if there was nothing to differentiate us and people were more reluctant to drop by our stand.


    This goes to prove that even in real life you need a WOW factor, something that stands out and that really makes people become more interested in what you have to present 🙂


    We were happy to be a part of such a great event and we’re looking forward to next year’s edition!


    More info on the reason of our stand can be found here.


    Credits for the featured photo: ICEEfest Facebook

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