Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

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You will study the following 10 modules:

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing consists of 10 modules, each taught by a leading expert in the field. Click “Learn more” on each of the modules you are insterested in to find out more on the topics covered and contact us for more details regarding the scheduled sessions.

The price of the full program is 1077 EURO.

  • 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is a collective name for marketing activity carried out online, as opposed to traditional marketing (print media, live promotions, TV and radio). Compared to traditional methods of advertising, Digital Marketing offers realistic costs, accurate targeting and excellent reporting.

    This opening module explains and demonstrates the power of the Internet and how to harness these changes as the relationship between organizations and customers define the way we live.


    Lecturer: Bogdan Manea

    Duration: 3 hours


    Topics covered:

    • Strategies in Digital Marketing
    • Aligning Internet with Business Objectives
    • Examples of Great Case Studies
    • User Behavior & Navigation
    • Branding and User Experience
    • Developing a digital plan
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  • 2. Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term used to describe the marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine.

    This course provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of SEO and demonstrates how to implement these techniques and start to get your site to #1 on Google.

    The module will equip you with the core understanding, technical know-how and insight to build a SEO strategy that will stand up in today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace.


    Lecturer: Florin Olaru

    Duration: 3 hours


    Topics include:

    • Keyword Research
    • How Google Works
    • Search Engine Factors
    • OnPage & OffPage Optimization
    • Meta Tags, Images, Content, Video
    • Links and how to get them
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  • 3. Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing represents the process of placing “pay per click” ad’s in search engine results pages. Pay per Click (PPC) is the revenue model adopted by search engines whereby the advertiser only pays once a user clicks on an ad.

    With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their product and target market. Content websites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system. Among PPC providers, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the three largest network operators, and all three operate under a bid-based model.

    On this module you will learn how to develop an effective PPC strategy and achieve demonstrable return-on-investment (ROI). This module takes you through the essentials of planning and managing PPC campaigns.


    Lecturer: Aneta Plesa

    Duration: 3 hours


    Topics include:

    • How to create a PPC campaign
    • Implementing your PPC budget
    • Targeting your advertising
    • Measuring and Managing your campaigns
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  • 4. Email marketing

    Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses email in order to communicate with current and potential customers. The equivalent of Email Marketing in traditional marketing world is direct mail, printed newsletters and regular advertising in subscription magazines.

    After a brief fall in popularity Email Marketing is now considered again one of the most effective methods of marketing thanks to powerful reporting tools available to marketers. It is the most cost sensitive way to get in touch with thousands of subscribers, and also generate higher traffic volumes to a website.


    This module will teach you about Data Protection, Opt-In Subscriber Management, E-Mail Design and Content, Email Delivery and Reporting.


    Lecturer: Bogdan Manea

    Duration: 3 hours


    Topics include:

    • Email Marketing explained
    • Creating optimized campaigns
    • How to measure success
    • Managing your database
    • Best practice case studies
    • Choosing 3rd Party Email Providers
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  • 5. Display Advertising

    Display Advertising usually refers to the banners, images and text ads that appear on websites.This module will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the creation deployment and management of digital display advertising.

    Included here are display, search, affiliate, email, mobile & social, all methods used in order to give delegates the broadest view of digital advertising opportunities.


    Lecturer: Bogdan Manea

    Duration: 3 hours


    Topics include:

    • What is Display advertising?
    • How are banners bought and sold
    • Banner formats and when to use them
    • Creating and implementing a banner campaign
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  • 6&7. Social Media Marketing

    This module has been split in two: Social Media Marketing 1 and Social Media Marketing 2, due to its consistency. You will learn how to plan and manage your communications and marketing through the rapidly emerging and influential social networks

    The course will provide you with techniques and tools to understand and harness the opportunities provided by best practice social media marketing and online PR.  You will learn how to leverage your company’s presence on Social Media platforms to generate more connections, build relationships with customers and boost your profits.


    Lecturer: Sorin Chircu

    Duration: 3 hours each, 6 hours both


    Topics include:

    • What is Social Media Marketing?
    • Overview of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, YouTube and Flickr
    • Increasing website traffic using Facebook, Twitter, Video, etc
    • Building brand awareness using Social Media
    • Best practice examples and Case Studies
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  • 8. Mobile Marketing

    This module provides you with a solid understanding of the rapid evolution of mobile marketing landscape. Focusing on cutting-edge case studies you will gain knowledge of the technologies and terminology of mobile marketing.

    Lecturer: Mihnea Nicolescu

    Duration: 3 hours


    Topics include:

    • The development of Mobile Marketing
    • Various forms of mobile marketing
    • Geo-targeting your campaign for smart phones
    • How are consumers using mobile marketing
    • Examples and case studies
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  • 9. Web Analytics

    Web Analytics is a key component of a digital marketing mix, as it provides tools for measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimising web usage.

    Google Analytics is probably the most popular Web Analytics application, as it is free, easy to set up and use, has an API allowing users to customize their reporting, and provides vast amounts of data, that would be more than enough for most businesses.

    Our Web Analytics Module guides you through web analytics and other data sources to better understand site visitor characteristics and behavior. You will understand the most important and appropriate metrics and how to use them improve your digital activities.


    Lecturer: Madalin Dinu

    Duration: 3 hours


    Topics include:

    • What is Website Analytics?
    • Google Analytics explained
    • Understanding your KPI’s
    • Measuring website traffic
    • Setting up goal and event tracking
    • Increasing traffic to your web site
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  • 10. Planning your Digital Marketing Campaign

    Digital Marketing is driving the agenda in marketing departments and this module will teach you the complexities of planning, buying and executing a marketing campaign that integrates traditional marketing with all digital channels including display, search, and affiliate, email, mobile & social.

    Lecturer: Gabriela Andrei

    Duration: 3 hours

    Topics include:

    • Examples of integrated marketing plans
    • Using the best digital marketing channels for maximum impact
    • Creating an integrated digital marketing plan
    • Costing and resourcing your internet plans
    • Aligning business objectives, strategy and tactical solutions


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Become a certified marketer. Get your international diploma in Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing institute is a FETAC registered provider offering a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Course which is a Minor Award Level 5 in Digital Marketing 5N1364. Digital Marketing Institute is also an SQA Approved Centre.

At the successful completion of the course and after sustaining an online exam, your diploma will bear these two international certifications.


  • Bogdan Manea

    Bogdan Manea

    Owner Brightness Creative Solutions

    Managing Partner at Brightness Advertising, Bogdan Manea is a key player in the Romanian advertising industry. He has more than 15 years of experience working with only the biggest companies and engaging in different activities, from the creative side of projects to the more client-oriented one.


    In his work, Bogdan has been responsible for managing many international projects as well as developing and managing functional teams. He directly worked or supervised the production of over 250 TV commercials, managed, couched and motivated teams of more than 20 members, supervised, budgeted and implemented over 300 media communication campaigns for all types of clients, ranging from FMCG to electronics, cars or luxury products, on both ATL and BTL projects.  


    Topics covered:

    Introduction to Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising

  • Florin Olaru

    Florin Olaru

    Senior Online Marketer, Kondiment

    Florin Olaru has worked in digital marketing for many years now, with a focus on consultancy for issues that concern search engine optimization.


    He now leads a team of online marketing professionals, specialized on testing all the new tools available for online marketers, verifying the limits of Google algorithms and troubleshooting for white and grey hat SEO techniques. Recently the team started to play with Reputation Management SEO and discover new ways to help businesses.


    Topics covered:

    Search Engine Optimization, SEO


  • Aneta Plesa

    Aneta Plesa

    Senior Online Marketer, Kondiment

    Aneta Plesa is vastly experienced in online campaigns – from strategy to implementation, from management and optimization all the way through analyzing the results. In her career, Aneta worked in performance marketing campaigns, awareness campaigns and integrated campaigns: web presence, social media, paid media.


    Her professional principle is that data and numbers can have a creative potential: you can combine them in all ways possible so that the results are amazing. Based on their interpretation, you can discover communicational trends and also predict customer behavior.



    Topics covered:

    Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Planning

  • Sorin Chircu

    Sorin Chircu

    Social Media Developer

    Sorin Chircu performs as a Social Media Developer for Kondiment, global leader in the Online Marketing Industry for verticals such as Political Marketing, Travel and E-commerce.


    With extensive technical and marketing social media knowledge accumulated on numerous campaigns for international clients, Sorin can help you grasp deeper concepts that will make you perform in Social Media.


    Apart from being social media savvy, Sorin has great human and psychology skills having been certified as a trainer and coach for many years now. Sorin is a certified Trainer in Adult Education (a diploma awarded by the National Council for Adult Vocational Training, certified by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor). He is also a neuro-linguistic Programming Coach, certified by the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming, USA.


    Topics covered:

    Social Media Development, Social Media Marketing

  • Madalin Dinu

    Madalin Dinu

    Technical Manager, Kondiment

    Madalin started his Web Developer career 10 years ago; now he is the head of the Technical Department in Kondiment, working alongside his team in a multitude of international and local projects.


    Google Analytics has always been Madalin’s passion, and today is part of his daily job. Being interested in measuring the results of his campaigns and projects, Madalin has gained the Google Analytics Individual Qualification in 2009 and 2012. However, he is interested in any product there is on the market that helps one efficiently analyze the digital marketing processes.


    Topics covered:

    Web Analytics

  • Mihnea Nicolescu

    Mihnea Nicolescu

    Digital Communications Professional


    Digital communications professional with a vast project management experience in agencies and with clients across Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and Turkey.


    In the last 2 years, Mihnea’s focus was on developing the strategy for mobile presence for the biggest marketplace in Romania, managing app development and mobile marketing efforts.


    Topics covered: 

    Mobile Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Digital Strategy

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