We are KONDIMENT. Pleased to meet you.

Who we are

In these more than 16 years working on an ever-growing and highly competitive market, we strengthened our core belief that efficiency needs to be proven.

Since 2001 onwards, we became wiser, stronger and we grew bigger, still welcoming every new project with excitement and with the certainty that we can do wonders.




Over time, we have built a team of highly skilled professionals, strong individuals that work flawlessly and efficiently together. We focus on strengthening our clients’ brands, building stronger relationships with their target audiences and on generating measurable results. Through strategic approach that works, fresh ideas that ignite and spotless executions that generate ROI, we specialize in making the best out of any project.


Business Verticals

The knowledge and experience acquired working with specific clients and projects we took on in our online marketing company led to the development of four main business verticals we currently focus on – Travel, eGovernment, Political Marketing and eCommerce, offering integrated online marketing and communication services, dedicated teams of specialists and performing solutions.



Our unique results based approach and the wide array of services in our compendium allowed us to explore other branches as well, making it possible to engage in memorable projects alongside renowned global brands and companies. In our everyday work, we continue to practice our main belief of “proven efficiency”, sharing knowledge and setting the course on the market.

We are always open to dialogue, so feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.


  • Quality

    We deliver projects that bring added value to your business. We consider your objectives and expected outcome.

  • Results

    We aim to achieve measurable results for our clients, which reflect the efficiency of the projects we manage.

  • Performance

    We eliminate guesses and estimations and we deliver a superior experience to you and your customers.