Reshaping for higher impact

A product without a sales strategy is like a collection car you keep in your garage. Nobody will see it if you don’t drive it. We’ll make sure to show you how.

Kondiment is your trusted Digital Marketing provider, with more than 20 years' experience on the market. We operate in a highly dynamic and competitive industry in which efficiency is a tool for measurable results.

Since 2001 we have been constantly investing in training and performance objectives so that we could deliver a competitive edge to your business. Our proficiency and demonstrated track record in sales, marketing and ROI optimization have taught us that there are no great results without measurable data and metrics-based brand messages.

We take pride in our Agile team of highly trained professionals who work efficiently to ensure your desired outcome in a timely manner. Kondiment's disruptive strategies are results-driven as our online expertise is deeply rooted in our DNA. Every single business needs a strong online presence to genuinely succeed in this highly competitive medium. We implement digital transformation strategies that offer end-to-end solutions and translate your commercial efforts to financial achievements.


Technology is evolving with the speed of light! Due to these dynamic and rapid changes, in order to stay ahead of the curve in the digital world and social media, you must embrace a voice and attitude that will make you stand out among your competitors.

Kondiment is here to listen, guide and deliver our proven recipe so that your business can achieve a maximized digital footprint.

Consolidating and maintaining a strong online presence requires time, effort and planning. Moreover, you need more than just a strategic map to run through so that your social media posts can produce the expected results. Your digital content must engage the end users to interact with your brand through meaningful conversations. We go the extra mile to help you create a valuable dialogue with your consumers!

Kondiment has established long-term relations with leaders in the industry your business operates in, influencers and traditional media. Through Kondiment, they will engage and interact with your brand.

We are committed to providing you with the perfect mix of online marketing services and treating all our clients with the same utmost dedication. We kindly invite you to take a look at our services and products so we can determine together which personalized strategy from our expertise best suits your brand. Kondiment is here to help you substantially increase your conversion rates!

We create Stories. We drive Success! 

Expertise in Tourism, Banking, e-Commerce, e-Government, Political Marketing 

The 500+ projects and campaigns successfully implemented for our clients and partners, both local and global, operating in the most dynamic and competitive industries, have offered us a clear overview on the economic factors in a marketing context. We leverage valuable data from various industries and we develop strategies which employ transferable tools and elements from many areas. Kondiment helps you to target markets and niches that you wouldn't possibly imagine to reach otherwise! 

User-friendly tools & Smart Branding 

Increase your sales with the most optimized measurable instruments provided by Kondiment! Employ our easy-to-use tools and develop your business at your own pace. Meanwhile, should you need us, we're always at your disposal! 

We firmly believe in Smart Branding and Smart leads, which means that we specialize in producing personalized brand messages which are targeted to the right audiences. We clearly detail a surefire and hassle-free plan that will ensure our effective strategies meet and exceed your business objectives! 

Reduced customer acquisition costs

Through an optimized content strategy that suits your budget, Kondiment helps you to launch your story and deliver your message to a large audience. Our main goal is to convert your audience into new customers with reduced costs compared to those employed in traditional marketing. Set yourself up for success and capitalize on your commercial momentum with our premium digital content strategies! 

Communities that resonate with your brand 

Planning to create a loyal community through engaging content is undoubtedly an essential activity. But you won't notice the results without monitoring the digital footprint of your brand. If you have yet to experience an exponential increase in your business's digital footprint so far, Kondiment is here to review your online marketing strategy. You'll soon notice how users start interacting with your brand and promote it through word of mouth in the online medium.